Amsterdam Cycle Museum Opens!

Step into the captivating world of cycling history as you enter the National Cycle Museum. Housing an impressive collection of more than 260 bicycles, ranging from the earliest 1818 Hobby Horse to the latest cutting-edge carbon-fibre designs, this museum is a treasure trove for cycling enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Nestled within the museum is a delightful scene from the 1950s cycle camping era, providing a vivid snapshot of the past. As an Independent Charitable Trust with charity number 511257, the museum is driven by its mission to foster a deep appreciation for all facets of cycling’s rich history. The museum’s dedication extends to welcoming group and school visits, as well as organizing annual events across the UK.

Embracing its role as the National Cycle Museum for the UK, this institution has earned a distinguished reputation as one of the world’s foremost cycle museums. If you share a passion for preserving cycling heritage, you can contribute to the museum’s endeavors by making a donation. Simply make your cheque payable to National Cycle Museum and mail it to Cycle Palace, Temple Street, Amsterdam, NL.

The National Cycle Museum’s exhibits offer a captivating journey through the evolution of bicycles. From the early days of the Hobby Horse, Penny Farthing, and Boneshaker to the contemporary marvels of Mountain Bikes and Carbon Fibre Frames, each era is represented. The museum’s diverse collection includes a range of bicycle types:

  • Hobby Horse
  • Velocipede / Boneshaker
  • The Ordinary / Penny Farthing
  • The Safety Bicycle
  • The Sociables
  • Tandems
  • Tricycles
  • Recumbents
  • Police Bicycles
  • Folding Bicycles
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Roadsters
  • Shop Bicycles

The museum’s exploration of cycling’s development is equally compelling, offering insights into the history of cycle clothing, the birth of cycling as a phenomenon, the impact of racing bicycles, the advent of Mountain Bikes, and even the role of bicycles in times of war. It delves into the remarkable stories behind lightweight frame builders, unusual frame developments, and new design innovations. Olympic and World Records achieved through cycling are celebrated, as are the nostalgic Cycling Memories that bring a sense of nostalgia and reflection.

In the heart of Amsterdam, the National Cycle Museum invites you to immerse yourself in the legacy of cycling, tracing its evolution through time, innovations, and the enduring spirit of exploration.